custom report covers


Custom Report Covers | Personalised Presentation Covers

Custom report covers give your  annual reports, manuals and booklets a professional look. A look that strengthens your brand identity. Popular for businesses looking to brand their presentations, our custom report covers can be punched, have custom windows, be silk screened, foil stamped or embossed. Custom cover sheets give your company a unique look that is all […]

professionally bound documents


Professionally Bound Documents With Fastback Binding

Professionally bound documents are easy to create with Fastback binders and accessories. Fastback binding machines enable you to create stylish, professionally bound documents and books in a matter of minutes. The Fastback range of binding machines uses a revolutionary thermal adhesive bind to create strong, beautiful tape binding, and bookstore-quality hardcovers and paperbacks. We provide a complete […]


Custom Ring Binders – Support and Enhance Your Brand

Custom Ring Binders Support and Enhance Your Brand. Custom ring binders show off your brand while keeping your information organised. If you need to constantly update and add to a document, then our custom ring binders are ideal. Our wide selection of material finishes and styles can develop a unique binder solution that has the […]


Badge Holders

Further to the blog post Lanyards, here you will find some information about Badge Holders in order to help you make the most informed decision concerning ID Card accessories. Once you have printed your ID Cards, your objective is to ensure their durability and to protect them and their data from external elements. Badge holders […]


Hard Drive Data Security and Destruction

Shredders update Just one hard drive can contain hundreds of thousands of files. When a digital file is “deleted” from a computer, the information actually remains on the drive, as do “deleted” e-mail messages and records of all online activity. Even reformatting or overwriting may not be enough to prevent confidential/proprietary/sensitive data from being recovered […]


Accessories for ID Card Printers

Further to the blogs Before you buy an ID card printer-3 tips and Determining your card printing volume, it is important to consider how to consistently achieve the best printing quality and how to extend the lifespan of your printer. Once you have bought your ID card printer, the next step consists of choosing accessories […]