Matica XID8600 – High Resolution ID Card Printer

Matica 8600 ID Card Printer

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the Matica XID 8600 high resolution ID card printer. We’ve been so impressed by the quality of its print that we’ve used it in printing our own business cards in-house.

What is the Matica XID 8600?

The XID 8600 ID high resolution id card printer is a high end version of the 8 thousand series of retransfer printers.  The printer itself comes in a neat package weighing 13.9kg and being 36cm high, which is impressive for the quality of card it produces. It is the perfect fit for printing national ID cards, driver licence programs, access control cards, contactless cards and security control.

What is the quality of the print?

At 600DPI, this printer produces high-quality ID Cards which is double the DPI of some of our other printers.  To demonstrate its true quality, the image below will give you an idea of the difference between 300DPI and 600DPI. As you will see, it’s like going from standard definition to high definition.

600 dpi vs 300 - high resolution id card printer

Other features to highlight with Matica high resolution ID Card Printer

On top of the amazing print quality, we were also impressed with its range of security features. The wide range of XID encoding modules, such as smart card encoder (contactless and contact chips) as well as magnetic stripe encoder, ensures an extraordinary versatility. Printing in high quality is possible on various card materials like PVC, ABS and even Polycarbonate.

On-demand modules are available for inline lamination on the front and/or backside of the card for additional security and extended surface protection against abrasion or other physical impacts. This printer is perfect for those companies who want to show off their brand identity in the best quality without scrimping on additional features.

If you are looking to learn more about Matica or any of our ID Card Printers, contact us today at +353 1 460 2200 or click here