Sleeking – An Exciting New Laminating Technology

Why do you need ‘Sleeking’? Adding more value to print has been born out of a need to stand out from the competition. This has become even more critical in today’s saturated market. This is where sleeking comes into its own. This specialty method is creating a lot of interest in the print world. Being able to […]



Sleeking Technology

Sleeking Technology An exciting new laminating technology called ‘sleeking’ has arrived to DBC Group. Sleeking can add an array of optical effects simply with one laminating machine in-house. This specialty method is creating a lot of interest in the print world, being able to use image transfer technology that will bond with digital ink. When users avail of […]

laminating machine


Laminating Machine – GMP QTopic 380

The GMP Q-Topic 380 laminating machine is designed to offer an in-house laminating solution for short-run and on demand digital applications. As well as the more traditional litho outputs. The Q-Topic is a semi-automated pneumatically controlled digital POD laminator. This GMP laminating machine incorporates the latest in pneumatics. It combines the benefits of GMP’s belt fed […]