Personalised Ring Binders – Customise Your Brand

personalised ring binders

Why Personalised Ring Binders?

Personalised ring binders are a very useful promotional product that can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be a safe place to keep your loose documents, tenders, training manuals, reports, presentations and more. We have a wide range of ring binding and printing options to choose from. This includes our durable, hard-wearing PVC, polypropylene and scored binders. There is also an enormous range of sizes and colours to choose from.

The Best Personalised Ring Binders for You.

The most popular type of personalised ring binders are presentation clear overlay binders. These allow you to customise the front and spine by putting your own inserts into the open top of the binder. personalised ring bindersPrinting personalised ring binders is now more economical to do than ever before with the introduction of digital printing. This process allows you to customise the front, spine, and back of your binder with the template provided.

The sheet is then laminated with a clear or matt finish to enhance the look, durability, and feel of the binder. The sheet is then glued onto a heavy duty
board and is then scored to the specific size required. The finished binder is then fitted with the ring mechanism these fittings come in a round or a D fitting and are available with a two, three or four ring mechanism finish.

Want to Know More About Personalised Ring Binders?

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