digital vinyl


Digital Vinyl – ShopStick New From Intercoat

Digital Vinyl ShopStick is a printable digital vinyl from Intercoat. Available in a white glossy or matt finish. It is a versatile 95mic monomeric vinyl.  Intercoats Diamond Air Liner makes the application easy without air bubbles. The greyback adhesive is removable without leaving residue on the surface. It can be applied to any kind of […]

creaser folder


Creaser Folder – Multigraf Touchline CF375

Creaser Folder from Multigraf New Creaser Folder from Multigraf. The inspiration for Multigrafs new product line was given by its name – TOUCHLINE. Press the button and off you go! By simply entering the necessary information through the touchscreen, the machine creates all settings automatically. A small, centralised, multifunctional operating panel offers all necessary functions for a fast production start. Creasing Offering more flexibility […]



Sleeking – An Exciting New Laminating Technology

Why do you need ‘Sleeking’? Adding more value to print has been born out of a need to stand out from the competition. This has become even more critical in today’s saturated market. This is where sleeking comes into its own. This specialty method is creating a lot of interest in the print world. Being able to […]

roll versus pouch laminator


Roll or Pouch Laminator?

Roll vs Pouch Laminator If you are looking for a reliable way to laminate material on a daily basis, you may be wondering which type of laminator to buy. Roll Versus Pouch Laminator. While several different models exist today roll and pouch laminators continue to be the two most popular formats used. These laminators are used […]

automatic die cutter


i-Mark Automatic Die Cutter

Automatic Die Cutter Machine The i-Mark Automatic Die Cutter is designed to automatically feed and contour cut A3 and A4 sheets without the need for an operator. Equipped with precision eye-mark camera technology the i-Mark allows for quick reading of crop marks with a precision grade of 0.2mm. The die cutter can be used for […]



Sleeking Technology

Sleeking Technology An exciting new laminating technology called ‘sleeking’ has arrived to DBC Group. Sleeking can add an array of optical effects simply with one laminating machine in-house. This specialty method is creating a lot of interest in the print world, being able to use image transfer technology that will bond with digital ink. When users avail of […]

electric punching machine


Electric Punching Machine From Renz

The Renz DTP 340 M is a reliable, heavy-duty, desktop electric punching machine. The modular design makes it very versatile for all types of book and calendar production. Renz punching dies are available for all types of ring wire, plastic comb, coil and calendars. Electric Punching Machine The punching dies are strong and reliable German […]

Intercoat printable vinyl


Printable Vinyl From Intercoat

Intercoat is a successful manufacturer of printable vinyl and self-adhesive laminates for the printing, advertising and label industries. Intercoat’s recipe for satisfied customers world-wide is achieved through the painstaking selection of raw materials and the exclusive use of ecologically-sound, high-quality adhesives. As such, Intercoat has been a supplier of quality products to the leading finishers of […]

EBA guillotines


Guillotines – The Complete EBA Range

EBA Range Of Guillotines Guillotines are valued and utilised everywhere. In offices, workshops, print companies and more. Anywhere paper needs to be cut accurately, an EBA manual or electrical power guillotine can be found. This may be due to the fact that EBA offer the optimum cutter for any requirement up to 720 mm cutting length and 95 […]

laminating machine


Laminating Machine – GMP QTopic 380

The GMP Q-Topic 380 laminating machine is designed to offer an in-house laminating solution for short-run and on demand digital applications. As well as the more traditional litho outputs. The Q-Topic is a semi-automated pneumatically controlled digital POD laminator. This GMP laminating machine incorporates the latest in pneumatics. It combines the benefits of GMP’s belt fed […]