World Premier of the New Colibri Book Covering Machine

Irish Schools will have the chance to see the first ever Automatic book covering machine (E-LEONARDO) at the upcoming IPPN conference on 26th and 27th of January 2011. Unusually, the manufacturer in Italy has granted sole permission for this machine to be premiered prior to its own international launch at the Paperworld conference in January […]


Good News for our book covering system!

Last week, the Department of Education announced that it will examine how €15 million in grants allocated annually to schools to run book-rental schemes will be reviewed. The grant is worth €11 for each primary school pupil and €24 for second-level students. An additional €10 and €15 per child is offered at primary and second-level, […]


The Advantages of Covering School Books with CoLibri Book Covers

The whole point of investing in a CoLibri Book Covering System is to increase the longevity of books in a safe, economical, and convenient way. For this reason, CoLibri products can be very instrumental in ensuring the success of the recently approved school book rental scheme. No school or book rental shop should be without […]