Financing your print finishing equipment

Why Lease Finance Is Never Cheap With so many sign and print shops reliant on cash flow just to keep their business alive, the decision to look at leasing and rental agreements for your print finishing equipment is simple and easy option as spreading the cost of using your  finishing equipment, for example, over 3 […]


Badge Holders

Further to the blog post Lanyards, here you will find some information about Badge Holders in order to help you make the most informed decision concerning ID Card accessories. Once you have printed your ID Cards, your objective is to ensure their durability and to protect them and their data from external elements. Badge holders […]


Wide Format Show: Die-Sublimation Techniques for Sign and Print

A new event especially for the growing Irish wide format printing, textile and material fabrication market. DBC Group has brought together some of the UK’s leading suppliers in wide format textile and print finishing.  Emerging Die-sublimation techniques now make it more affordable to add new products to your portfolio and this is an ideal opportunity […]


Hard Drive Data Security and Destruction

Shredders update Just one hard drive can contain hundreds of thousands of files. When a digital file is “deleted” from a computer, the information actually remains on the drive, as do “deleted” e-mail messages and records of all online activity. Even reformatting or overwriting may not be enough to prevent confidential/proprietary/sensitive data from being recovered […]


The Advantages of Covering School Books with CoLibri Book Covers

The whole point of investing in a CoLibri Book Covering System is to increase the longevity of books in a safe, economical, and convenient way. For this reason, CoLibri products can be very instrumental in ensuring the success of the recently approved school book rental scheme. No school or book rental shop should be without […]


Printed Lanyards

Further to the blog post Before you buy your ID Card Printer-3 tips, here you will find some information about accessories to wear your ID badges. Once you have printed your ID cards, we suggest you to select lanyards which are one of the most popular ID card display accessories. Indeed, lanyards are an excellent […]