Flexible Workplace Tech: Book Desks, Meeting Rooms & Track Visitors


As we transition back to the office this new year, many of us will be working with a flexible work style. In Ireland, recent statistics show a significant increase in preference for flexible start and finish times, and working from home.

In the transition to a more flexible workplace, we rely on technology to ensure work continues to run smoothly. New technologies continue to introduce new ways to collaborate with colleagues which can help us make the transition.

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Workplace Management Solutions

Desk Space Management

Our desk booking software “Workspace” is a smart solution that allows you to book a desk for your next visit to the office or a remote hub. Guaranteeing you a workspace as offices transition to hybrid work.

After scanning the QR code on the desk, the desk will be marked occupied, and a record generated to allow proper contact tracing and sanitisation.

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Meeting Room Management

Prepare meeting rooms with the services you need in advance with our Meeting Room Booking System provided by Add-on Products. You can search for audio-visual equipment ahead of video conferences to make sure remote participants can attend and the meeting runs smoothly. You can also view catering facilities and available parking spaces, from anywhere.

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Visitor Management Software

In a flexible workplace during the pandemic, being able to track visitors who enter the workplace, employees and guests are very important for contact tracing. Visitors check in on the touch screen and complete a health and safety questionnaire which can protect your workplace from allowing COVID-19 exposed visitors to enter the workplace.

Send invites, Record visits & Track ‘n Trace

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