Personalised Labels for School Books and Stationery

CoLibrì Bluetooth Label Printer for School book Covers This NEW portable labelling machine makes covering and organising school books a simple and rewarding task! We’ve come a long way from Covering school books with wall paper! So, if you’re involved in school book covering our easy to use Label printer make sit easy to label […]

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Environment Friendly Colibri Book Covers – DBC Group

With schools starting back, now could be a good time to protect your books with a strong school book cover which is environment friendly.  This is where the Eco Colibri book covers come in. Why choose Eco Colibri Covers rather than normal covers? Eco Colibri covers are the worlds first cover to be a green […]

Colibri book covering system - DBC Group Ireland


School Book Cover System from Colibri: Your Complete Guide

In today’s digital world, sometimes its nice to read a physical book and be at one with the text.  With school books making a comeback , now could be a good time to protect your purchases with a strong school book cover.  This is where the Colibri book covering system comes in. What type of school […]


A Label Printer To Suit Your Needs – Leitz Icon

A Label Printer With A Difference A new and innovative idea from Leitz, the Icon label printer, it is already a new award winning label printer. The Leitz Icon has been developed to be different and to meet the needs of modern day users! The label printing market has remained unchanged for many years. Yet the […]

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School Book Covers – Automatic Book Covering Machine

Applying Your School Book Covers is Now Easier Than Ever Before. Without using glue or adhesives, these school book covers do not change the original book in any way and can be changed and replaced at any time. They have been specially made for soft smooth custom-fit welding every time. This makes it ideal for revamping rental or library […]

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Fastback Binding Machine

What is the Fastback binding machine? The Powis Parker Fastback binding machine is probably the world’s most efficient binding machine. It creates perfectly bound documents in just seconds, without any punching. It binds all size documents from 10 to 350 pages. It speeds up the entire binding process, allowing the user time to go about more important daily tasks. The […]

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7 Guidelines for a School Book Rental Scheme

School book rental scheme Here are 7 guidelines to assist you in implementing a school book rental scheme with parents agreement.  1. Parents should be consulted in the first instance in order to get their agreement to the operation of the scheme. The cooperation of parents and school staff is essential to the success of […]


IPPN Conference Exhibition

Book Covering machines at the IPPN conference Our stand at the IPPN exhibition has been very busy as we show our 2013 range of book covering machines from Colibri. Colibri Book covers are safe Colibri book covering machines are the market leaders in book protection and continue to innovate in this field, the most recent […]


School Book Rental Scheme: Benefits & Grants Available

School Book covering Further to the Blog Post How to Set Up a School Book Rental Scheme, here is some information on the grants available when investing in a School Book Rental Scheme. What is a School book rental scheme? School book rental schemes can alleviate the costs of purchasing text books for parents and […]


School Book Rental Schemes and Book Covering Machines

If you have decided to implement in your school a school book rental scheme we recommend that you to choose a Colibri Book Covering Machine to protect your current and new school books. Here are some benefits of the Colibri Book Covering Machine to help you make the most informed decision before buying a book […]