Custom Printed Badge Reels

Custom Printed Branded Badge Reels Custom Badge Reels offer a great promotional opportunity for your organisation. People love them because they offer a hands-free way to carry important items – ID Badges, Season Tickets, Access Cards, Keys, or a flash drive. Customising them with your organisation’s logo or design keeps your name front and center. […]



The Advantages of ID Card Printers

Our ID Card Printers can be used in a variety of ways in business. We sell a range of solutions, whether you need to print employee or access control badges, loyalty cards, student IDs, payment cards, identification documents, passes for transport and events, national ID cards, student cards, and much more. Selling the best ID […]



Evolis ID Card Printers: Primacy, Simplex and Zenius

Do you want to print ID cards? Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to do it?  Our range of Evolis plastic card printers offer you the independence of printing plastic ID cards for your business needs. Our GO GREEN printer bundles offer bio-degradable ID cards and bio-degradable lanyards.  Let us walk you through 3 […]

Ribbons - ID card printer


Ribbons for your ID card Printer – Buy the right one!

How Do ID Card Printer Ribbons Work? DTC Card Printing: The most popular method to personalise colour ID cards is DTC – Direct To Card printing. A colour film infuses the dye from the ribbon onto the plastic surface of an ID card using the heated print head of the printer. ID card printers use a […]

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Customised ID Badge Holders – Printed with your own message

Employees in hospitals and healthcare bodies need to display visible identification at all times. According to Irish Health Service Executive, employees must always wear an ID badge with their photo and identity information. All hospitals in Ireland now require hospital ID cards for both nurses and doctors. With ID cards being compulsory, our new range of customised […]

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Plastic Card Printer, quality printing, requires regular cleaning!

A speck of dust in your ID card printer, can reduce the quality of your prints massively. That is why proper maintenance is recommended for the optimal performance of your  printer. When it comes to the printer maintenance, only a proper cleaning kit can guarantee optimal results. So, before you get on with the cleaning […]

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Smart Technology – Price Tag & Labeling Solution

The Evolis Edikio is the complete solution for printing all your individual product price tags in various formats. The price tag printers professionally produce multiple prices and product information tags in the food and drink industry. The modern labelling printer keeps your branding consistent across your hotels, delis and restaurants. All types of customised display cards can […]

Matica 8600 ID Card Printer


Matica XID8600 – High Resolution ID Card Printer

What is the Matica XID 8600? The XID 8600 ID high resolution id card printer is a high end version of the 8000 of retransfer printers.  The printer itself is neat and compact, which is impressive for the quality of card it produces. It is the perfect fit for printing national ID cards, driver licence […]

Dublin Tech Summit with ID Waiter


ID Waiter selected for Dublin Tech Summit’s 100 Startups Programme

Tomorrow, our sister company, ID Waiter will be appearing at the Dublin Tech Summit. Last week we received confirmation, after a very thorough selection process, it was selected to be part of the Start Up 100 program. The Start Up 100 program brings 100 early-stage companies from all over the world to DTS for two days […]

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7 Steps to Choosing the Best ID Card for your Bank Staff

Staff ID Cards for banking employees are essential. The best id cards on the market not only provide a visual confirmation of an employee but can also provide many other attributes to streamline personnel processes. ID badges can play a pivotal role in a bank’s security plan, and creating the right card is imperative to […]