Personalised Labels for School Books and Stationery

CoLibrì Bluetooth Label Printer for School book Covers This NEW portable labelling machine makes covering and organising school books a simple and rewarding task! We’ve come a long way from Covering school books with wall paper! So, if you’re involved in school book covering our easy to use Label printer make sit easy to label […]



Custom Printed Badge Reels

Custom Printed Branded Badge Reels Custom Badge Reels offer a great promotional opportunity for your organisation. People love them because they offer a hands-free way to carry important items – ID Badges, Season Tickets, Access Cards, Keys, or a flash drive. Customising them with your organisation’s logo or design keeps your name front and center. […]



The Advantages of ID Card Printers

Our ID Card Printers can be used in a variety of ways in business. We sell a range of solutions, whether you need to print employee or access control badges, loyalty cards, student IDs, payment cards, identification documents, passes for transport and events, national ID cards, student cards, and much more. Selling the best ID […]



Flexible Workplace Tech: Book Desks, Meeting Rooms & Track Visitors

As we transition back to the office this new year, many of us will be working with a flexible work style. In Ireland, recent statistics show a significant increase in preference for flexible start and finish times, and working from home. In the transition to a more flexible workplace, we rely on technology to ensure […]



Printed Lanyards, Custom Lanyards and Clip-on Badge Holders

Ireland’s leading supplier of Printed Lanyards We offer a wide range of lanyards and clip-on badge holders including: Customised lanyards Pre-Printed lanyards Plain coloured lanyards Badge Holders Badge Reels Let us walk you through our 3 lanyard solutions: 1. Custom Lanyard Printing Our Customised lanyards allow you to apply your logo, colour, and material of your […]



Smart Air Purifiers for Schools

This month Minister Foley announced the payment of a €62 million works grant to help with Air Purification within the classrooms for primary, special, and post-primary schools,  Within our “smart technology” basket of products, we offer the Leitz range of Air Purifiers, offering a choice of three Air Filtering models to cater for most classroom sizes.  Small room up […]



Evolis ID Card Printers: Primacy, Simplex and Zenius

Do you want to print ID cards? Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to do it?  Our range of Evolis plastic card printers offer you the independence of printing plastic ID cards for your business needs. Our GO GREEN printer bundles offer bio-degradable ID cards and bio-degradable lanyards.  Let us walk you through 3 […]



3 Key Benefits of Digital Visitor Management

We are constantly innovating our products to cater to our clients and customers.  With the return to work imminent, we have introduced an affordable Digital Visitor management system, complete with touchscreen and software, with pricing at €999. Our IDreception Platform is a digitalised version of the traditional visitor book and makes the visitor registration process […]

Colibri book covering system - DBC Group Ireland


School Book Cover System from Colibri: Your Complete Guide

In today’s digital world, sometimes its nice to read a physical book and be at one with the text.  With school books making a comeback , now could be a good time to protect your purchases with a strong school book cover.  This is where the Colibri book covering system comes in. What type of school […]

Clamshell Employee Badge - DBC Group Ireland


Can I print on Clamshell Employee Badges?

Clamshell proximity cards are extremely popular with access control systems for smart employee badges, making it easy to enter into buildings with a simple wave of a card. But the cards overall look plain white.  Many companies would prefer to have their branding on these cards. Can you print on them to add cardholder information […]