Ideal for school book rental schemes


7 Guidelines for a School Book Rental Scheme

School book rental scheme Here are 7 guidelines to assist you in implementing a school book rental scheme with parents agreement.  1. Parents should be consulted in the first instance in order to get their agreement to the operation of the scheme. The cooperation of parents and school staff is essential to the success of […]


School Book Rental Scheme: Benefits & Grants Available

School Book covering Further to the Blog Post How to Set Up a School Book Rental Scheme, here is some information on the grants available when investing in a School Book Rental Scheme. What is a School book rental scheme? School book rental schemes can alleviate the costs of purchasing text books for parents and […]


School Book Rental Schemes and Book Covering Machines

If you have decided to implement in your school a school book rental scheme we recommend that you to choose a Colibri Book Covering Machine to protect your current and new school books. Here are some benefits of the Colibri Book Covering Machine to help you make the most informed decision before buying a book […]


Example of “Terms and Conditions” for a school book rental scheme

Here is a brief outline of terms and conditions which could be applied to help you implement a school book rental scheme in your school. 1. The scheme is voluntary. Book lists will be supplied to parents in the normal way. 2. A security deposit of €_____ is payable on behalf of each student who […]


Before Investing in A School Rental Scheme – Some Basic Questions

Here are some basic questions to help you make the most informed decision before investing in a school book rental scheme. Identifying School Needs Is the school reviewing its present scheme or considering the introduction of a book rental scheme? What are the benefits/drawbacks related to the scheme? Have parents, pupils been consulted? Has the […]


School Book Rental Scheme & Management Issues

Here is some information about the management issues to consider when investing in a School Book Rental Scheme. Management Issues A textbook fund administrator will need to be appointed and this can be delegated to a deputy head, a senior teacher or a member of the Parent Teachers Association. The appointee would be responsible for […]


Good News for our book covering system!

Last week, the Department of Education announced that it will examine how €15 million in grants allocated annually to schools to run book-rental schemes will be reviewed. The grant is worth €11 for each primary school pupil and €24 for second-level students. An additional €10 and €15 per child is offered at primary and second-level, […]


The Advantages of Covering School Books with CoLibri Book Covers

The whole point of investing in a CoLibri Book Covering System is to increase the longevity of books in a safe, economical, and convenient way. For this reason, CoLibri products can be very instrumental in ensuring the success of the recently approved school book rental scheme. No school or book rental shop should be without […]


PDF on How to set up a school book rental scheme

There seems to be very little information on the pro’s and cons of setting up a school book rental scheme in Ireland. With the current economic climate, this type of scheme is becoming very popular. Our company has had extensive experience in selling our CoLibri book covering machine and covers into schools, Libraries and bookshops […]